Dear Nobel Peace Prize Committee...
Fake S.F. Sergeant Major Called Out by ANGLICO Marines at a funeral service for a fallen Marine

Bring the fun to National Review

My favorite site and magazine National Review is asking for me, they just don't know it yet. 

National Review is seeking an editorial associate to focus on television and multi-media coverage. This position is best suited for a TV news junkie with an eye and ear for newsy video, audio, and stories.

Key responsibilities and duties include:

Watching live news coverage during the day and recognizing noteworthy quotations, trends, and narratives in the media’s portrayal of various issues;

Editing video;

Covering a wide range of subjects, including breaking news and following up with up-to-the-minute blogging of developing events;

Providing quick content for social-media proliferation;

Reporting on original stories

A background and familiarity with politics, lawmakers, current events, and policy is a must. Please send a cover letter, resume, and relevant clips to mpeace (at)

If that is not a call for my singular talents, I don't know what is. So please help let them know. If you tweet, I am @Uncle_Jimbo they are @NRO. The email in the post above could get some nice polite reminders of how awesome this could be for all of us. And I will be doing my bit to make a little noise, like this. Obama can't seem to get his head or his heart in the game as evidenced by his burgers, campaign speeches and fundraisers day while the world burned.