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Bergdahl returns to duty- What next?

There is a lot of concern about reports that SGT Bowe Bergdahl has been released from his reintegration treatment and now is just running wild and free. These concerns are valid, this is the Obama administration after all, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  So far he has simply returned to duty.

He had to be assigned to a unit for anything to happen. If he is healthy enough then he gets a job and the next step, whatever that may be, will be done from there. His enlistment period is up and theoretically he could simply be processed and discharged. That seems unlikely because the uproar over trading five terrorists for his release will have alerted O's handlers this would not be well-received.

The more likely scenario is that the 15-6 investigation into his disappearance, which was done back in Afghanistan, will be reopened or a new one started. They could simply convene an Article 32 hearing (military grand jury) to decide if charges are warranted. He is almost certainly guilty of some offense against the Uniform Code of Military Justice and Obama would be crazy to try to avoid some accountability for him. I know, I know, he is crazy enough to think about it, but in the end Bergdahl will face some justice.

I talked to John Wagner about this yesterday while guest hosting Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio show. John served on the CENTCOM task force looking for Bergdahl and planning for his return. We certainly need to keep an eye on this situation as we cannot trust our Commander-in-Chief to ensure the right thing will happen otherwise.

JOHN WAGNER, former member of the CENTCOM task force that searched for Bowe Bergdahl:

  • Explanation of why the Pentagon has returned Bowe Bergdahl to active duty
  • Options for the Army as it investigates Bergdahl’s disappearance
  • What are the potential legal and/or punitive outcomes for Bergdahl?

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