Obama flack calls Bergdahl teammates psychopaths
Hail Mary Time

Time to let military justice do justice

The Obama team managed to shoot themselves in both feet with the Bergdahl PR stunt. They thought they could tug on America's heartstrings, get heaps of praise and distract us from the rest of their abysmal failures. It didn't quite work out that way, did it? 

The outrage of the many folks who knew of the dubious circumstances surrounding Bergdahl's walkabout exploded with righteous fury. The Rose Garden ceremony with Obama and Papa Bergdahl doing his "Love the Taliban” bit didn't help much and it sure seemed like Bowe was headed for a heroes welcome for serving with honor and distinction. The administration was talking like there was no need for any review of the circumstances of his "disappearance" or need for any punishment as he had obviously suffered enough. Wrong!

The flip side of "Bring them all home" is "Hold them all accountable". If you served with honor and distinction you get the hometown parade and a lifetime of free drinks at the VFW. If you served dishonorably, forget the cheering crowd, keep cash on hand for your own refreshments, and do expect a mighty boot in the ass. It seemed the Obama team wanted to make sure their guy stayed the hero and was going to torpedo any attempt to look at the back-story. There is no doubt in my mind that a good dose of undue command influence was ready to make sure he stayed clean. That brought the aforementioned outrage and it served the purpose of derailing the hero train Obama and his folks planned to joy ride on. But as these things often do, it has spun up into a "Hangin's too good for 'im" mentality.

Now it has become apparent that Bergdahl will have to answer for his actions and all those who had been muzzled will get to speak. This is a good time to make sure we stop looking at the considerable information out there in the media as the gospel truth. I have seen, read, heard about it and talked to people deep in the know about this and it looks very, very bad for Bergdahl. However, and this is vital, he is innocent until PROVEN guilty. That hasn’t even come close to happening yet. So let's keep the fire/heat on the administration so they don’t derail the Army investigation, and likely court martial, and make sure it happens properly. But it is time to douse the torches and put away the pitchforks.

 The vast majority of information is coming from the same media folks that I, and many of you, spend voluminous amounts of time calling sensationalistic fantasists. All of a sudden the NY Times or CBS is somehow trustworthy? And yes we have heard directly from many members of his unit, but we surely do not have the whole story. We haven't heard a single word from Bergdahl himself about what his time in the unit was like. And while it was a complete Blue Falcon move for that Obama flack to call his unit leaders psychopaths, if he was as much of a screw up as it sounds like, is it crazy to wonder if he was catching a lot of crap? If you say that doesn't happen I will throw a BS flag. It does and even COL Jessup admitted it.

So it's time to remember we have a functional military justice system that will be under intense scrutiny as this unfolds. Many have served, and even made the ultimate sacrifice, to protect our way of life and our liberties. Let’s remember not to hang Bergdahl in the court of public opinion without a trial. He still deserves his day in court.