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The Army's racist helicopters

It is damn near impossible to tell parody from reality as the grievance mongers of the left constantly whinge at the top of their lungs- Sexist! Islamophobe! and the perpetual favorite, RACIST! The only good thing is they are going so far around the bend that it becomes easier to tell them to hush. This screed is a classic as the author goes from hating on the Redskins to an assault on the Army’s entire fleet of assault helicopters (and the cargo, troop carriers and recon birds). It seems that we imperialist warmongers can't even show respect without oppressing someone.

In the United States today, the names Apache, Comanche, Chinook, Lakota, Cheyenne and Kiowa apply not only to Indian tribes but also to military helicopters. Add in the Black Hawk, named for a leader of the Sauk tribe, the Tomahawk (a low-altitude missile), and a drone named for an Indian chief, Gray Eagle.  Let’s not forget Operation Geronimo was the end of Osama bin Laden. So we named some of our powerful weapons of war after some of our most powerful foes as a nod to their warrior spirit and strength. Kinda cool right? Oh wait.

Identifying our powerful weapons and victorious campaigns with those we subjugated serves to lighten the burden of our guilt. It confuses violation with a fair fight.

Dang, I hate it when I confuse violation with a fair fight. I even thought that these powerful foes won some of the battles we fought; Custer sure would say they did. But that sentiment must be a manifestation of my imperialist mentality.

Now it is only proper to grant that our westward expansion included some horrific and dark treatment of many of these tribes. But, is the answer for us to cringe and grovel forever? The tribes themselves celebrate their warrior spirit; they glorify their brave (not Braves, of course) fighters. Somehow the requirement is budding that all victim groups be sole controllers of their message and this means even well meant and decent signs of respect are just another means of oppression. 

Well, enough! Seriously STFU! Or don't, this being America, free speech and all. But understand that those of us who can tell the difference between respect and abuse will not be cowed by the perpetually aggrieved looking for leverage. Liberal guilt is a disease that could be fatal to the strong and vibrant country we live in. The desire to tear down America because it was not always perfect is dangerous and should be opposed. The bad that was ever done in this country's name is overwhelmingly outweighed by the good. To quote one of the leaders of the grievance industry, Move On.

That should mean both sides need to “Move On” but that’s not the Liberal Left’s interpretation.  They seem to think everyone else should bow and cater to their seriously   sensationalized sensitivities while they clobber the crap outa anyone opposing their opinion.  Last time I checked, tolerance was a two-way street not the one-way route reciting by the Liberal Left’s intolerants.

The last sentence of the WP editorial drivel is the one that bears the most scrutiny:

So, sure, rename the football team. But don’t stop there.

True dat. They will not stop...EVER! There is no way to satisfy people who can take offense at the drop of a name and take taking offense as their raison d'être. So let's stop trying to satisfy the non-satisfiable.  Move On!