Elephant in the Room- Let's make a dopey deal
Elephant in the Room- Bergdahl Goat Rodeo

State Sez: Bergdahl Knows Circumstances of His Capture Better Than Squad Mates

Where is this magical land that you can live in when you are this facking dumb?


So the guys on the ground that night, the ones who discovered his gear neatly arranged and the items they inventoried missing don't know what happened?  Seriously?  Does anyone think before they talk anymore? Did you wash your hands after you pulled that statement out of wherever you were hiding it?

Oxygen thievery of this nature and order of magnitude is usually followed by felony probation, not a job as the head underling for the incompetent.

Watch and laugh in the melancholy way that I did, because it is just sad to think that there are human beings that are this stupid who are allowed to breed and vote.