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Time to let military justice do justice

Obama flack calls Bergdahl teammates psychopaths

The pushback is truly underway now. The preferred narrative of POW hero has cratered and now the attacks on those who brought it down have begun in earnest. Never mind that they are honarably serving or discharged soldiers who didn't shed their uniform and wander away from their duty. They must be smeared and here is a sad and sorry example of that. The guy serving up this poo fling is someone well known to the authors here at BLACKFIVE. His name is Brandon Friedman and he used to work at the VA. Jonn Lilyea has named him Beaker from the Muppets and  gives him a well-deserved knee or two for this sorry affair here. This is what Beaker had to say about the good soldiers of Bergdahl's unit.

What the Hell? What if space aliens had zapped him with a mind control ray? That would actually be a much less offensive hypothetical. Why would you jump to speculating that maybe all the rest of them were baby-killing savages? And even if there was a problem with Bergdahl's leadership, I am pretty sure the solution is not desertion.

Beaker is not the only one smearing in full Alinsky mode. Other administration folks have joined in as well

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — White House aides are accusing soldiers who served with Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are “swift boating” him following his release over the weekend after five years in captivity.

That is a lovely attempted smear and they mean well...I mean bad. But the problem with the Swift Boating analogy is the charges against Kerry were true and made by 21 out of the 22 officers who served with him. Kerry is a poseur of the first rank who parlayed splinters into three purple hearts and a ticket home after only four months. So if these guys are swift boating Bergdahl, then he must be a world class loser. We do not turn on our own unless they make us. But when we do, payback is a medevac (figuratively or digitally, of course, we are not psychopaths).