Tal Afar Falls
Benghazi suspect captured

Marines head back to Iraq

Many people raved that we “won” the war on Iraq and pulled out, now well over 500 Marines just entered the Persian Gulf along with a carrier as many news reports say.  With everything going on in Afg (yes, we are still at war) we go back into a war zone that was deemed “accomplished” by Washington. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say we won at half time, then go back for the fourth quarter to continue to play. The military and especially the Marine Corps has been hit the hardest with “cuts” to the point the USMC is below required numbers since before the 80s. Doing more with less can only go so far.

However, looking at this, their main mission will most likely to secure the Embassy, but however you look at it, its American boots on the ground back in Iraq. Time for a C-Gar