Hail Mary Time
LTC (ret) Tom Slear Raises the Bar on Blue Falconing

About That Bergdahl Thing...

People have been asking.  I have been delaying.

And I'm going to delay some more.  Because vindictive.


As someone who worked the Sgt Bergdahl issue for 4 years, I have a long, sordid history with this issue.  And I WAS going to come out on the topic this week- I had mentioned to several people that I wanted to post up about it.  But I've been advised not to, by some people who understand the 'why'.

Much has been said- and most of it is inaccurate, if only because we've not heard from either the family, or from Bowe himself.  I'm not going to defend him; my mission is done.   But until I read something from his team of reintegrators (and I know who they are) I'm holding back.  This issue is FAR from over; this isn't going to be gone anytime soon.

If you want to read things that I find 'credible' at least in part, head here, here, and here.   I won't give reasons as to exactly why, yet, but suffice to say these have more to them than much of the other speculation (outside the direct interviews with his platoon members).  

I won't give up on this.  But the time isn't right.  Yet.