Does the President Really Believe that this War Is/Will Be Over...?!
Elephant in the Room- Let's make a dopey deal

A little Obamafreude on the Bergdahl Debacle

I did the right thing and called for decorum and an investigation before we hang young Mr. Bergdahl. But I can no longer contain the enjoyment I am getting watching the sh*tstorm envelop the Obama team. Not only are these folks the world's worst negotiators (if you don't know who the sucker is at the table...well), but how could they not have at least anticipated that trading terrorists for traitors might ruffle a few feathers. I mean, they had access to the actual information from the 15-6 investigation. Did they really think they could somehow muffle the entire US military and all of their family members? I can understand why they figured the press would continue its subservient lap dog role and pass off propaganda as news, but there was already way too much dirt being shoveled out there to think they could keep their returning war hero theme operational.

This cunning plan to wag the dog combined with a stalking horse for emptying Gitmo by declaring the war "ended" crashed and burned into a self-inflicted, own goal. 

OK time out. I think I just set a record for mixing metaphors. That is how sorry this thing is. I am incapable of combining enough negative superlatives to properly mock it. I will finish with three words for whoever hatched this crock- Dam u dum.