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Worst Foreign Policy Team Ever (Thanks, Twitter!)

MichelleObamaBringBackOurGirlsThis pouty First Lady photo shows Michelle Obama exercising her considerable muscle by using TWITTER to get 200 kidnapped girls returned in Nigeria.  The girls were taken from their school by Islamic terrorists.  So this Twitter attack is designed to build pressure.  On who?  

According to the WH, the pressure is on the Nigerian government.  


In the meantime, Ambassador to the U.N. and complete nut job, Samantha Power, is going to have the kidnappers/terrorists designated as a terror group by...wait for it...wait for it..the U.N.  That means that the security council will actively follow the situation.  Thank you, U.N.! The U.N. is known for action.

Anyway, the Ranger Up guys posted this photo (of one of their own, Jack) which sums up my feelings about pouty Twits believing that social media works better than action...

Ranger Up Jack

And Staff Sergeant Old School (check it out) had this NSFW item to say about this (also agree)...after the Jump