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Why Is the Defense Department Trying to Fund Climate Change Studies?

Soooo...the Obama Admin and DoD (same thing) has pushed the DoD to spend funds on studying climate change implications - presumably for military issues.  Let's be clear that weather ABSOLUTELY affects military operations.  Let's be clear that, whether or not you believe in climate change, if climate change exists, it will affect the weather and military operations.  But how far do you take the studying and the planning?  And is the Obama Admin using the DoD to do it's dirty work with regards to funding change in our behavior?  The Navy's Biofuel debacle?

 From NBC, a Pentagon spokesman says:

“Those changes shape the future operating environment, help us predict missions we'll have to undertake, and create challenges and constraints on how we operate on our bases,” Wright said. “We're taking sensible measured steps to mitigate the mission risk posed by climate change.” 

This is the same crew claiming that the Civil War in Syria is a result of climate change rather than the usual causes...from retired Admiral Lee Gunn:

The civil war in Syria, which has left an estimated 100,000 people dead, has its roots in a regional drought, said retired Navy Vice Adm. Lee Gunn, now a member of the military advisory board for CNA Corporation, a non-profit research and analysis organization in Alexandria, Virginia.

From the HuffPo:

Research suggests, however, that the Department of Defense has a number of reasons to be worried about climate change. The department said in its own evaluation last year that climate change presents infrastructure challenges at home and abroad. Meanwhile, a March Pentagon report found that climate change impacts are "threat multipliers," and that the rapid rise of global temperatures and associated extreme weather events could exacerbate issues like "poverty, environmental degradation, political instability and social tensions -- conditions that can enable terrorist activity and other forms of violence."

So who is behind the Pentagon looking into climate change as one of our, if not the greatest, threats to our nation?

The Washington Times says it is retired flag officers (like Gunn) working along side of the Obama Team...with some looking to profit.

Retired military officers deeply involved in the climate change movement — and some in companies positioned to profit from it — spearheaded an alarmist global warming report this month that calls on the Defense Department to ramp up spending on what it calls a man-made problem.

The report, which the Obama administration immediately hailed as a call to action, was issued not by a private advocacy group but by a Pentagon-financed think tank that trumpets “absolute objectivity.” The research was funded by a climate change group that is also one of the think tank’s main customers...

Read the whole piece at the Washington Times and see if you agree with the Obama Administration's take on the report as "absolute objectivity"...