Greater Love Hath No Man...
President Obama to Unveil Foreign Policy in a Speech at the One Place Where No One Will Question Him...

Memorial Day is about BBQs too

First to all of the Gold Star community, thank you with all of my heart for raising, loving, marrying or being the child of a great person. Greater love hath no man than this: to lay down his life for his friends. Memorial Day is when we honor those who did just that, and that is the reason for this holiday weekend. 

Now fire up the grill and let's honor them. I'm pretty sure that's what they would want and as good a representation as any of the liberty and abundance that we enjoy as a result of their sacrifice. I know there are far too many people who are oblivious and just see this as the first party weekend of Summer. That is a shame, a damn shame. There are even those who don't know, don't care or even disrespect the occasion. We call those people losers. But let's not allow that to make us bitter, or to get us up on high horses. That doesn't help.

Far too many Americans do take their freedom for granted and they can. That is part of the deal.That doesn't mean we let it slide, or bite our tongues. Oh Hell no! Just make it a positive example. If no one else at an event has done so, then raise your glass, make a toast and remind everyone. Stand on a chair, turn down the music and say something simple and short. We can't reach everyone, but each little bit helps. The vast majority of people will take a polite reminder and may actually care. 

The haters are still gonna hate. That too is part of the deal. I used to spend a fair amount of my time scrapping with them and to be honest it was a lot of fun. Seven years ago I went to a Memorial Day event held by an anti-war group where in over two hours they failed to take a mere 10 seconds to be thankful for those who gave them the right to freely speak and assemble. Even the most anti-war American alive should be able to understand that we fought a war and many died just to found this great country. But nope, that concept was alien to them. So I pointed that out. (Language warning)

I don't hold this up as a perfect example and I hope most of you spend your weekend with a much friendlier and thankful crowd. But I felt it needed to be done.