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BLACKFIVE has been asked to help get the word out on a new film premiering next week by Sebasian Junger- if you recall, his last film Restrepo was a hit- covering the battle in Afghanistan by the 2/503d of the 173 ABN BDE.  

Korengal cover

The film is premiering next week- and B5 readers will have an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to get tickets to it in NYC.  More on this soon!

But I'm here to tell you about the Denver premier- where Sebastian will appear at the Denver Film Society's opening of the film.  DFS, along with VFW Post 1 (as in, THE first VFW post) along with BLACKFIVE are hosting a special event.  BLACKFIVE will sponsor a social following the film, and I will get to interview Sebastian along with several members of the 173d who will be there.

If you are in Denver or vicinity, COME ON OUT.  Here are the links to details, and a bit about the film.  I'll post more on this as we get closer- but spread the word.  Here is another film on the heroics of the 503d as they faced some of the most intense combat in Afghanistan.


From the release material:  "KORENGAL follows Junger’s Oscar-nominated film, Restrepo, which he made with the late Tim Hetherington. This feature length documentary follows a platoon of men as they fight in Afghanistan's famed Korengal Valley, often called, "the valley of death."  KORENGAL takes a less kinetic, and more visceral look at war, and listens to the thoughts of the men who fight it. The film captures the confusion of war, and the courage and strength of the men, who, like all troops find themselves facing overwhelming danger. The emotions are often conflicting: as one soldier mourns the loss of a friend in combat, another doesn't hesitate to say he would go back to the front in a minute. While the firefights are fierce, there are long periods of waiting for the uncertain. KORENGAL captures the soldier's thoughts on service, war, combat, and brotherhood. KORENGAL is what war feels like. The film was shot by Junger and Hetherington on location in the Korengal Valley. Additional footage was filmed in Vincenza Italy at the unit base of the 2-503, Battle Company, of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team.

“Tim and I had always envisioned this film project to unfold in two parts. The world has seen the first part of this work, RESTREPO. But when Tim was tragically killed while covering the civil war in Libya three years ago, I was left on my own to finish the project. I re-enlisted the other two members of our RESTREPO team and we went back to work. The result, KORENGAL — which together with RESTREPO completes our vision – is exactly what Tim and I had discussed years earlier,” said filmmaker Sebastian Junger.

“As with RESTREPO,” Junger added, “we paid for the entire production ourselves, which gave us complete control of what the film would be. RESTREPO was intended to be a way for civilians to experience what combat feels like. We wanted KORENGAL to be very different. This film strives to impart understanding of the inner psychology of the soldier, rather than being intentionally experiential. How does fear work? What do courage and guilt mean? What is it like to come home from war? Why do so many soldiers miss being at war once they’re home?”

The film debuted at the Little Rock Film Festival, and will premiere in NYC on May 30. A national roll out has been planned for late June through early August."

Here is the FACEBOOK link:

And, the Denver Film Society announcement:

I hope to see you there!  Much more to follow!