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How Many Times Have Politicians Said "Our Veterans Deserve More!"????

Really.  How many?  

Time and time again, we've heard this mantra over and over and over.  Everyone knew the VA was @#$%ed up nine ways to Sunday.  The President made a campaign promise to fix this SIX YEARS AGO. [Campaign Promise: Obama 08]

Hell, I was on Neil Cavuto's show a few years back talking about how the VA is NOT the example we want for Obamacare (the President was using it as a shining example of government efficiency).  I actually used an example from TSO at This Ain't Hell who waited 3 weeks for an EMERGENCY MRI.

Yes, Shinseki must go.  Yes, an outside agency needs to investigate the VA soup to nuts.  Yes, changes in the incentives for VA employees must change.  Yes, the VA staff need to lose the union mentality. 

On the other hand, I don't believe that funding is an issue - we could save money by paying BCBS to handle the care, for crying out loud.  I don't believe that the overall capacity will change.  I don't believe that there will be a sea change in care or support.

The whole system needs to be burned down to the ground and rebuilt.

I don't believe that this will be the last time the *spit* politicians in Washington will cry out, "Our Veterans DESERVE MORE!"

Update:  Long Tab Sig O sent a reminder that the Secretary is approved by Congress with oversight by Congress.  Which means that Congress wasn't doing it's job.  SHOCKING!