Memorial Day
Memorial Day is about BBQs too

Greater Love Hath No Man...

Damn, I miss you guys.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off and their BBQ.  I am as well today, but not without a sense of the meloncholy.  Little Deebow helped to put flags out out the cemetery with his Cub Scout Troop yesterday and he is only beginning to understand what today means.

I know that everyone says most of the same things on Memorial Day, and I am guilty of it myself sometimes.  Today especially though, I think about Major Larry Bauguess, Sergeant First Class Bernard Deghand, and Sergeant Earl Werner and how they have helped me to make every day worth it. You were taken from us and your families long before we were ready and I will remember those days and our times together and who we were forever.  I think about Larry often, our time was so short together in 2007 and the controversy over what happened that day continues.

I don't know where we get men like these, but if I ever find out, I will guard the secret forever.  

May our comrades, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters and loved ones that we miss like no other in our lives and the memories of all those who have sacrificed for America make our time with our families today sweeter, our burgers and brats that much tastier and our holiday that much more enjoyable for the freedom we have to enjoy it in the greatest country God ever gave man.

Greater Love Hath No Man...