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Calling terrorists, terrorists.

Apparently it is not quite that simple. I guest-hosted Frank Gaffney's radio show yesterday and talked about Cubans, Nigerians and Libyans who are all clearly terrorists, but who somehow have some folks bamboozled about actually calling them that. Unsurprisingly we get past that and deal with the actual, well terrorism.

With Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Bill Roggio, Caitlin Poling, Dan Bongino

Representative ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN, Chair Emeritus of the House Foreign Affairs Committee:

  • Cuba’s protests against the State Department’s designation of it as a “state sponsor of terrorism”
  • Human rights abuses in Cuba
  • Cuban influence campaigns in Venezuela
  • Failing US efforts to create an Israeli-Palestinian deal

BILL ROGGIO, Editor of the Long War Journal:

  • Recent counter-terrorism military offensives within Yemen
  • The historical backstory of Boko Haram and its place in the global jihadist movement

CAITLIN POLING, Director of Government Relations at the Foreign Policy Initiative

  • Factors that made Boko Haram’s swift rise to prominence possible, and its status as an unofficial affiliate of Al Qaeda
  • Possible tactical and strategical approaches to fighting Boko Haram
  • Logistical problems of rescuing the nearly 300 kidnapped Nigerian girls, many hidden in the Sambisa Forest–a wildlife preserve now serving as Boko Haram’s safe haven

DAN BONGINO, former Secret Service agent and author of “Life Inside the Bubble”:

  • Government failures before, during, and after the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12
  • Possible questions to be asked in the select committee on Benghazi
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