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Benghazi- Shut up they said

The new game on the left is tarring the Benghazi debacle and coverup as a conspiracy theory that is simply those crazy right-wingers hating again. 

But when Republicans have the facts wrong on Benghazi, they don't do the responsible thing and drop it. They keep pursuing their partisan witch hunt, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars desperate to smear Obama and 2016 presidential front-runner Clinton with anything that will stick.

Or maybe we want to make sure that after a total of six damagingly feckless years of leading from behind, bowing and scraping, America Last foreign policy we don't get someone who helped Obama drag our flag through the mud as President. 

Hillary failed miserably as Secretary of State at everything except racking up frequent flyer miles on our dime. She failed in what should be a fundamentally disqualifying way when she presided over the slaughter of a US Ambassador and three others in a totally foreseeable disaster. That is the price of leadership, well at least it should be. But in this administration words speak louder than actions and responsibility is an alien concept. They just f**k up and move up, and that's a shame.

Holder should be perp-walked out of the DOJ in cuffs, Sebelius was blissfully unaware her agency couldn't even build a website. The IRS thinks it has a hunting license for those pesky teabaggers and when the government shutdown, the top priority of Obama's minions was barricading the WWII Memorial so 80 year old patriots couldn't salute their dead comrades.

I don't believe I could have less respect for the collection of incompetent ideologues hijacking the government for partisan purposes. But hey there are more than two years of this left, I am sure they will show me the way.