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Amazing Who You Meet

Whatever you say about NY politicians (*grouchomarx voice on* And there's a lot you can say about some of 'em *grouchomarx voice off*), I'm finding that a lot more of the people and even a lot of businesses here are very pro troop and pro veteran.  You never know who you are going to meet. 

DanM&meThis is Dan, a USAF Security Police veteran and regular reader who found Blackfive a few years ago.  Despite having read me, he wanted to meet and is helping Mission: VALOR as he can. 

O'Keefe1James O'Keefe and I had the chance to finally meet in person as he was on his way to Cannes.  Yes, you read that right, and you really do want to know why he's there today.  And, yes, that is a link to the Hollywood Reporter... 

SgtWhite (1 of 1)While Matt, Jonn, and TSO got to attend the actual ceremony at the White House, I had the honor of dinner and a relaxed evening with SGT White on Monday.  This was courtesy of Chris Page and Army Week, which is kicking off Army Week New Orleans and Army Week NYC soon.  In NYC, things kick off with the Run for the Warriors and culminates in the Army Birthday Gala.  

Whatever else I may say about New York, you never know who you will bump into, or what you will be doing. 


Update:  In regards Jimbo's post below, let me just say I agree though I have some related thoughts at my place; and, I love Nicki's take even more than Jimbo's.  Sorry Jimbo.  

Update II for the science fiction/fantasy fans here:  Skip Archon as they are the latest to cave to the mob and disinvite a guest (without even talking to the guest about it). While not directly germaine to the discussion, I will note that the guest they screwed over is a vet, who served in a little place called Vietnam.