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Running A 5K

Those of you who have been following over at LaughingWolf and Facebook know that I made a major lifestyle change just about a year ago.  The result is that I have dropped more than a few inches off the waist (have no idea on weight as that is, frankly, a meaningless measure), enjoyed the best health I've had in years, and have picked up doing things I've not done in far too long.  

One such is running, as in cross-country/long-distance running.  I'm a plodder more than a runner, always have been, but it is one of the things I really want to do.  So, I will be taking part in Hope For The Warrior's 5th Annual Big Apple Run For The Warriors, which is also starts events for Army Week .  What does that have to do with you? Well, there are two things. 

I want to invite all our readers to join me in walking/running/rolling/loping/whatever the 5k.  It isn't about how fast we do it, but rather that we do it.  

Second, I want to use this to raise funds for Mission: VALOR as well as Hope for the Warriors.  So, I've set a goal to raise $500 which will cover expenses (registration and new shoes, literally nothing fits anymore) with everything over expenses going to Mission: VALOR.  I've got some free coaching and such lined up, and plan to start building for this as quickly as possible.  You can donate through my GoFundMe (http://www.gofundme.com/2wwguw), or the PayPal link at LaughingWolf.  Just want to donate to Mission: VALOR?  The best way is via the Square Marketplace.  Reminder, we are not yet at 501(c)(3), but working on it.  Want to just put it to HftW?  Well, that info coming soon once I get registered.