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Book Review - "Kill Fee" by Owen Laukkanen

You Are Invited!

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Mission: VALOR has formally incorporated, and we are preparing our 501(c)(3) filing.  We have actually been working to help veterans and other VSOs even before this, and look forward to doing what we can to help even more in the days ahead. 

Meantime, the wonderful folks at The Baroness are hosting a launch party for us from 7-9 pm (1900-2100 hours) on Thursday 27 March.  There will be door prizes, with the grand prize being a lesson on how to use a sword to open a bottle of champagne, and getting to put theory to practice right then.  While the tickets are not (yet) tax deductible, the general tickets ($10 each) include a free beer courtesy of The Baroness, and you can by extra tickets ($5 each or 6 for $20) without the free beer to increase your chances of winning a door prize.  Tickets will be available at the door; you can purchase in advance via Square; if you are in NYC, I will be glad to meet you so you can purchase tickets in advance; and, you can use PayPal via our site.  Remember, these tickets are not (yet) tax deductible, but are going to help us try to fix that and do some good. 

Hope to see you there!