Photo - Its Just Six Miles (Altitude)
Medal of Honor recipient Walter Ehlers passes

If you are G.W.O.T. Vet or Know One, Read this

This is totally worth your time to read.  Heard from a few OEF and OIF vets that it truly hits home.

...My brothers and I tell stories with passion and pride, and my non-serving peers think: what a waste of a life. It may have been a waste, time will tell, but it was a glorious waste. I “wasted” my life seeing the very best of a generation of MEN stand up and go do what was asked of them. I “wasted” my life in third-world shit-holes, knowing my brothers cared more about me than the girl at home. I “wasted” my life watching guys risk and give their lives for one another. I would not ask to “waste” my life any other way...

Over at OAF Nation, read "When the Music Stops..."  Its worth your time.