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Yet Another War We Will Lose

The end of American Exceptionalism?

Good read at National Journal by Peter Beinart, a CUNY prof, about the causes of the end of our country's exceptionalism...

The very attributes conservatives say make America special—religiosity, patriotism, and mobility—are ones they've inadvertently undermined. Is it any wonder millennials are less impressed with their country?
When conservatives say American exceptionalism is imperiled, they're onto something. In fundamental ways, America is becoming less exceptional. Where Gingrich and company go wrong is in claiming that the Obama presidency is the cause of this decline. It's actually the result. Ironically, the people most responsible for eroding American exceptionalism are the very conservatives who most fear its demise...

You may disagree with all or some or none of it, but Beinart has an interesting theory worth your time to read.