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Mission: VALOR

I haven't posted here in a while, and today I share one of the reasons.  Those following me via Facebook and Twitter know that I've been working on a "secret" project.  Today, the curtain goes up on that "secret" and we begin the reveal of Mission: VALOR

Just as the name is not your typical acronym, Mission: VALOR is not your typical approach to veteran employment.  The focus is intensely practical, and designed to integrate with efforts by others so that some critical gaps are filled.  It is new, so new we don't have the website up and running yet.  We do have our domains and other critical things done, but our focus is on getting the practical and critical done -- which means the website and more will wait. 

I also want to thank the United War Veterans Council, Army Week Association, Hope for the Warriors, and Carl Churchill of Lock-N-Load Java for their support, help, and encouragement.  I particularly want to thank and commend the members of the Executive Leadership Committee for their time and invaluable contributions as we investigated if this project was needed, viable, and how best to move forward when that decision was made.  To the newer members of that group, my thanks for your patience when I forget to explain some of what went into various decisions because I forget that you weren't there all along...

Also, expect to see more about activities of the United War Veterans Council (so much more than the parade!) and Army Week here in the days ahead.  I have the honor of working with both groups, and will be sharing more about them at my site and some here.  The Army Birthday is coming soon, and I am heavily involved with those activities -- especially the Birthday Gala. 

And, of course, there will be more about Mission: VALOR as we move ahead.  Screw the official goals, I think we can do an order of magnitude more this year with a small pinch of luck and the right support. 

Let's Rock!