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What Richard Sherman Taught Us About America.

This may be a bit afield from normal Blackfive fare, but we are all affected by the issues raised when this occurred.

To quickly recap; at the end of the rather exciting SF 49ers/Seattle Seahawks NFC Championship game, Seatle defensive back Richard Sherman, who made the game ending play, was interviewed by Erin Andrews.  In it, he was rather unkind to the receiver he just defensed and said so.

The subsequent and immediate reaction was quite negative toward Sherman in particular and the Seahawks/football players/and other categories in general.  There were firestorms in both sports and regular media.

What did not occur much was a consideration of the actual person.  And those that did (and were not previously familiar with Sherman) were surprised to learn that he's actually a much more robust personality than perceived. 

Isaac Saul of the Huffington Post wrote a piece on what the incident "taught" America.  It is well done, and worth your time to read.

What Richard Sherman Taught Us About America

For me, the concluding paragraph was spot on:

when Richard Sherman went on his rant to Erin Andrews, most of America thought they were learning about the arrogance of another NFL player. But in reality, what Richard Sherman did was teach us about ourselves. He taught us that we're still a country that isn't ready for lower-class Americans from neighborhoods like Compton to succeed. We're still a country that can't decipher a person's character. But most of all, he taught us that no matter what you overcome in your life, we're still a country that can't accept someone if they're a little louder, a little prouder, or a little different from the people we surround ourselves with.


As an aside, and to lighten the mood a tad:  I am agnostic on this from a fan perspective.  But the first time I saw this video, i became much more of a Richard Sherman fan (and the young fan is adorable).  Richard Sherman Meets Littlest Big Fan