With Friends Like These...
Photo: Disruption by S.F.

Snowden, the Government & You

I have another post up at my day job about our good friend,well actually enemy, Mr. Snowden and some of the implications of the info he spread around the world.

Edward Snowden is now a pawn in a couple of games much bigger than himself. After the NSA incident, he fled to Hong Kong and provided information about US Intelligence operations to the Chinese press. He then moved on to Russia where he has been granted temporary asylum. Neither of these countries is a friend of the United States, and we don't really know what he may have given or what they may have taken. We will see how much Mr. Snowden likes Russian hospitality once Putin decides he is no longer a useful tool. If we ever get our hands on him, he will join Manning at Leavenworth making little rocks out of big ones.