Photo: Marine March
Photo: FOB Lightning Mortars

Rules for Successful Platoon Leaders

A lot of these rules apply to anyone, some just the military, and a few to just PLs.  Good read and worth your time (especially you OCS bound and cadet-types):

...28.  If you don’t have comms with your higher element you are of very little use to anybody; if you haven’t heard any traffic on the net for more than five minutes, check your radios, your comms are probably out; unless you are personally engaging the enemy with direct fire, your commander wants to hear from you and not your RTO

29.  Have the personal courage to disagree with your commander; when you disagree with your commander have an alternate COA; it’s normally best to disagree with your commander behind closed doors unless it’s a matter of integrity or safety

30.  Trust your NCOs but don’t necessarily believe every word they say; NCOs rarely lie to officers, but they are known to stretch the truth on occasion; trust your gut...

Read the other 66 rules here at the War Council.  Might disagree with number 32...