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ROTC Cadet Spit On at the Phoenix Open

First of all, all you "no Viet Nam vets were spit on" truthers, @#$% you.  

Second, here's a case where three douchebags treated an ROTC cadet in a similar manner - spit on, etc.

...Scottsdale police officers arrested three men after they allegedly harassed a woman dressed in her ROTC Battle Dress Uniform who was acting as a volunteer at the Waste Management Phoenix Open on Monday.

Evan DiGiovanni, 31, Michael Allen Duran, 29, and Vincent James Hendren, 30, allegedly spit on, yelled at and sprayed a sports drink on the 19-year-old college cadet, according to a Scottsdale police report...

I hope the judge is a Viet Nam vet.