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S#!& Rangers Don't Say

Cutting military retirement?

Our elected representatives have a responsibility to get the obscene growth of our disgracefully wasteful and inefficient Leviathan of a  government under control. But screwing over those who have dedicated their lives to keeping all of us safe is a reprehensible way to do so.

There is a greater recognition too –in Congress and among the Joint Chiefs—  that it must come to terms with personnel-related costs, which are eating up  more and more of what money remains.

“Forty-four cents of every dollar we spend goes to military personnel,” said  House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R.-Calif.) “You look at  Detroit, you look at General Motors, you look at what happens when you build up  these costs, but we aren’t doing anything about it in our [defense] bill this  year.”

Buck McKeon is a good guy, but last time I checked those overpaid auto workers were not humping a one hundred pound ruck sack up and down the Hindu Kush while pretty much everyone there tried to kill them.

They have looked at raising costs to the military and retired folks for medical care and now they are looking at basically giving a pay cut to active duty folks and using that to help fund retirement. I think it might be time to start ringing the phons of our representatives and letting them know what we think about this.