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Book Review - "American Heroes on the Homefront" by LtCol (ret) Oliver North

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9781476714325_p0_v2_s260x420Oliver North’s latest book with Bob Hamer, American Heroes On The Homefront has many inspirational and compelling stories.  It chronicles how those serving and their families have triumphed over individual tragedies.  The personal stories show the different types of relationships from being engaged, married, to having a family.  The reader will go from the emotion of hope to despair as they follow the triumph of some, overcoming a handicap, to the families who lost a loved one and paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

These personal stories described in the book are through interviews of those serving, their spouses, and their family members.  Lt. Colonel North explained to, “ I wrote this because my wife gave me a guilt trip.  She said that ‘you never understood what we as families had to go through back home.’ The fact is that people are getting notifications, not really aware of what is going on with their loved ones, and praying they never receive a knock on their door.  This is the rest of the story, of what families have gone through.”

There are stories from the Viet Nam era through the War on Terror.  It chronicles why the soldiers chose to be in the military, what are their job duties, what happened to them, and what transpired in the aftermath. North described the book as partially a love story and partially a war story.  It becomes obvious when reading about the survivors who lost limbs that their mate became their caregiver and medical advocate.

Because this is the first war since the American Revolution without a draft, those fighting are all volunteers including the families.  A powerful quote in the book should sum up all Americans feelings, “The young Americans I have been covering for FOX News since September 11th, 2001 forfeited the comforts of home, absented themselves from the affection of loved ones, and volunteered to go into harm’s way in some of the most difficult and dangerous places on earth.  They are the best and the brightest of their generation… Heroes are people who place themselves at risk for the benefit of others.”  The book hammers home that we as Americans should be thankful to those who have risked everything to protect us here at home.  This includes the family members who have sacrificed as well. 

Lt. Colonel North wants Americans to know that anyone who buys a book from the website will get an autographed copy but more importantly will be donating money to the wounded warriors.  That alone should be reason enough to buy a copy, but this book also shows the courage, perseverance and fortitude of the families and the injured.