Photo: In the Arms of the Air Force - Combat Talon crews help Filipino Familes
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Team Rubicon - Operation Seabird in Tacloban, Philippines

Here's a recent map of all of the NGOs in and around the areas hit by the typhoon...As you can see, there's really not that many of them.  Of course, Team Rubicon was there ASAFP.  You can read more about TR's Operation Seabird here.


Providing medical aid during the critical time gap between disaster and conventional response, Team Rubicon combines veterans and medical professionals into deployable teams and gets them in country FAST.

995864_10153525862100080_1997458489_nThe #OpSeabird medical team, including those patrolling barangays to provide on-site care, have treated nearly 600 patients at field hospitals and clinics established in Carigara and Tacloban.

You can help by donating or volunteering.