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Book Review - "The First Phone Call From Heaven" by Mitch Albom

My Son's War?

Maybe it is bumper sticker buying time.  That "Endless War" bumper sticker is starting to make a tiny bit of sense. 

It appears that our feckless leader's continued leadership from behind has resulted in the crafting of an agreement that was reached today that would obligate us to the first part of our own Hundred Years War in the mountains of Southwest Asia.

For that foothold in this volatile mountain region wedged between Pakistan and Iran, the United States would agree to sustain and equip Afghanistan's large security force, which the government in Kabul currently cannot afford. The deal, according to the text, would take effect on Jan. 1, 2015 and “shall remain in force until the end of 2024 and beyond.”

Please, everyone stand clear at least 25 meters because I don't want to hurt anyone while I am jumping for joy.....  And forgive me if my sarcasm is about to get up off its' beach lounger, set down its' Jack and Coke and get back in the game.

I thought President Feckless & Reckless campaigned on "winning" the war in Afghanistan?  Anyone else remember that?  Am I having a PTSD episode?  Did I just imagine it?  In case that worthless excuse for a leader doesn't have a dictionary near him, this is not what the definition of "winning" or "victory" looks like.

No, go ahead Mr. PINO....  I will wait while you look...  Because you won't find it in this document either.

So while the EEO thugs we set us up for failure by putting women in mortar platoons, SEAL Platoons, and Ranger Fire Teams, we can ready ourselves for testing them in the mountains of a place we should have packed up and left awhile ago.

And this is not even accounting for the obvious fact that Al-Qaeda/Taliban sympathizers (I choose to call them "operatives") have not just infiltrated the army and police; but have become full fledged members in good standing who continue to wage war against us through green on blue attacks. 

This is combined with their President spending much energy to talk fat crap about the manner in which we keep him in the lifestyle and position he has become accustomed to.

And what does the left think of this?  I am not hearing anything from the ANSWER/Occupy/Code Pink crowd about evil wars for oil and NEOCON corporate enrichment.  So what say you leftists?  What do think of your savior and his traitorous Secretary of State obligating us to an unending war?

This bilateral agreement and the length of time we find ourselves obligated to means something to me.  I have many good friends still serving, who might find themselves in perpetual harms way until doomsday. 

After much time to reflect on my own small contribution there, the idea that these people deserve our blood and treasure is undeniably settled in my mind.  They do not.  I do not arrive at this decision lightly.  I speak from experience from walking the ground with Afghan soldiers and being there when the bullets were whizzing by.  There are good, shining examples of men that want to do a good job, but they are vastly and hopelessly outnumbered by the masses of uneducated and tribal minded individuals that make up their army.  On the whole, they are undeserving of the gifts we have given them.  I have done this mission and I used to believe it was possible, but it should be painfully obvious to anyone who is paying attention that this is a people that are not worthy of our help or the sacrifices we make for them.

Long from now, In 2024, Little Deebow will be 18 years old.  Hopefully, if I have raised him right, with a dusting of Cub/Boy Scouts, church, regular camping trips, SCUBA Lessons, rifle and pistol shooting, driving the boat for Dad to water ski behind, hunting, horseback riding and ATV driving; I would like to think that at that age, should he choose to, I close my eyes sometime and imagine that he will be making his way through Mountain Phase of Ranger School, entering Jump week at Ft. Benning, about to class up at BUD/S in San Diego, struggling mightily at PJ/CCT Indoc, or signing the hand receipt for his M-40A5 before starting Scout/Sniper School.

And when any of those possible futures come to pass, I am hoping that he will not be Face-timing me and his mom to tell us that his unit is deploying to the very same universally acknowledged armpit of the world that his dad left the year after he was born to continue work that should have been finished long ago.

The thought of it, and what appears to be the inevitability of it frankly both angers and frightens me.