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[Updated] Must Read: "A Sailor's Dying Wish"

[Updated post from November 11, 2013]

Via our own Mr. Wolf, if you read one thing today, you should make it this piece from I Drive Warships...and have a box of tissues handy.

After signing my Pop, EM2 Bud Cloud (circa Pearl Harbor) up for hospice care, the consolation prize I’d given him (for agreeing it was OK to die) was a trip to “visit the Navy in San Diego.”

I emailed my friend and former Marine sergeant, Mrs. Mandy McCammon, who’s currently serving as a Navy Public Affairs Officer, at midnight on 28 May. I asked Mandy if she had enough pull on any of the bases in San Diego to get me access for the day so I could give Bud, who served on USS Dewey (DD-349), a windshield tour...

But that's not exactly what happened.  Go to IDW and read about what the crew of the Dewey did for Bud Cloud.  

Update 11-27-13:  FoxNews has a report on this visit today.