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One Warrior's Perspective on Post Traumatic Stress

RE: Grim's "On PTSD, or More Properly, On Coming Home"

Via the Green Beret Foundation Blog comes this excellent piece written by Scot Spooner who's name you might recognize from the NRA's Life of Duty Patriot Profiles.  It's worth your time to read.  

Here's a taste:

One Warrior’s Perspective On PTSD

...I will never claim to have all the answers or have the experience that others have. My experience is real and it is mine alone, just as you have yours. It is not the amount of time on the ground, the number of buddies killed, the number of enemy killed, or any other “score card” that matters. What I am here to talk about is that if you experienced mortal combat on the field of battle, you are forever changed, just as I am.  And no amount of score keeping can quantify individual effect on our mind body and soul. This issue is unique to each and every combat veteran and it is in relating to one another, not comparing, that we find common ground and share common solutions...  

Read the whole piece here at Chairborne Commandos.

As people process PTS differently, here's one way that some vets are "coming home":