One Warrior's Perspective on Post Traumatic Stress
No Death Gratuity Benefits For Families of Fallen Rangers - Help Now!

Let me get this straight...

...Ace termed it Shutdown Theater, I believe.  That's an appropriate moniker but doesn't address the profound bullshit that is happening.  From one of the B5 authors:

 Everything from blocking off scenic parking overlooks to forcing businesses to close simply because the business was on federal property, to closing down lifesaving web pages like the Amber Alert yet keeping Michelle's "Drink Water" web page up and running to that absolutely imbecilic idea that thinking closing the WW2 memorial top Honor Flight vets would be a good idea. The same way that religious ideology extremism in the Taliban manifested itself in the destruction of those beautiful statues, the political ideology extremism in this Obama administration manifests itself in these petty, childish and hurtful moves.

There is also the suspension of the funds (known as a death gratuity) given to military families when their loved ones are killed in action. These funds are key to having family members present at Dover when their Fallen Hero is brought home, at Arlington when they are buried, funeral expenses, family care, etc.

More on this to follow...stay tuned.