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20 Years Ago Today - Operation Gothic Serpent and Task Force Ranger

Over at This Ain't Hell is their annual post about MSG Tim "Griz" Martin and Operation Gothic Serpent.  Check it out here. For the first time since the events of "Black Hawk Down" twenty years ago, U.S. Army Rangers from the battle return to Mogadishu, Somalia to relive the firefight in the city streets.  This story chronicles the journey of Army Best Ranger Jeff Struecker’s return to Mogadishu, Somalia, as he reflects on the experience that transformed his life twenty years ago. As the film revisits the traumatic events of October 1993, we learn about the routine military mission that went awry and quickly unraveled into brutal warfare. It was in the middle of the violent combat when Struecker realized that He was free to LIVE because he wasn’t afraid to die.

Directed by Matt Knighton, Produced by Mary Beth Minnis, Director of Photography Jacob Hamilton, Editor Gabriel Cox, Original Score by Kyle Lent

 Update:  Here is the NRA's Life of Duty video "BLACK HAWK ECHOES" Trailer
NRA Life of Duty Correspondent Chuck Holton and the Frontlines team ride through Somalia’s war-torn streets alongside former U.S. Army Rangers Keni Thomas and Jeff Struecker, reliving a scene of intense personal tragedy, sacrifice and heroism.