Photo: Aircraft Tracks
Photo: Night Stallion

You Sicken Me....

Not that I haven't had a sickening feeling from politicians in both parties whose spine has an elemental consistency that ranges somewhere between gelatin and mannecoti since about 2008 (ish), but the blood pressure machine was about to spontaneously combust after I saw this about the testimony of the parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods and then read this list of the people who walked out that hearing.

And one name stuck out to me because her hackitude is epic; Rep. Tammy Duckworth. 

I have searched for a way to say this, but I can think of no other way:  You madam, are an epic POS. 

You, Representative Duckworth, of all the people who sat on that esteemed panel, should be acutely aware of what must have been running through the minds of Tyrone and Sean as they waited on the ground for a rescue force while enduring hostile fire.  A rescue force, that it turns out, the President in Name only was of no mind to send, because he had something pressing in the morning and he wanted to get his rest. 

You, having endured being grievously wounded and fighting to land an aircraft that was falling out of the sky in hostile territory probably can tell the story of how the minutes felt like hours until you saw a QRF that had IR "U.S." tabs on the chest plates of their IBAs coming to secure your aircraft, help treat you and your crew for your wounds, and evacuate all of you to safety at the risk of their lives so that you could be treated and returned to your families.

I bet you are glad that the QRF did their duty November 12, 2004 huh?  Couldn't be bothered to do yours though right?  Didn't you want to hear how those men and those families deserved the same response you received?  For you to walk out on those families and not even give them the common courtesy to listen to their story speaks to the epic hackery that is your career in politics and speaks volumes of your (in)ability as a leader.

You have insulted those families by refusing to hear their concerns, as elected representatives are duty bound to do. "Leave No Man Behind" evidently means nothing to you, along with your oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

My bet is that you don't know this, but when you are a leader, you can't just take the easy ones, you have to take the hard ones too.  And sometimes, you have to do the hardest thing and take the lead when you are in the wrong and make something right, that in this case, has your political party's fingerprints all over it.

But evidently, that is just a bridge too far for you because your allegiance to your party trumps your humanity, integrity and common sense.  You dishonor your service to this country as a member of the US Army and as a Congresswoman and your dereliction of duty is noted.