On Afghanistan..."It could be worse."
Book Review: "No Way Out" by Alan Jacobson

The Troops As Infants

This morning, a graphic made the rounds on Facebook purporting to show the number of mass shootings on military bases before and after the gun ban.  The graphic was questionable in some regards (gun ban started under Bush Sr. and was taken to new "heights" by Clinton, numbers not verified, etc.), but it raised a much larger and more interesting question:  How has the whole idea of infantilizing the troops worked out? 

Just a bit over a year ago, I was asked for an honest opinion by a commander over something done months previously to which I was witness.  Short version is that because the commander wanted to make a good showing at something, he had ordered his troops locked-down (confined) to barracks so that no one would/could drink the night before.  My response that if he wanted his troops to act like adults they should be treated as such was not well received, but did appear to sink in at least somewhat. 

I would invite you to share your thoughts over on my Facebook page (specific link here), and for those of you who aren't on Facebook, here.  What have been the results of the ongoing efforts to treat the troops as children who not might make the "right" choice but as children who WILL make the wrong choice gone?  Is it time to rethink not only the gun ban, but the entire philosophical approach? 


PS:  One, Facebook has the old Soviet crowd green with envy over the perfection of the memory hole, as not only did the graphic disappear but all posts related to it/linking it.  Two, my page is approaching 500 likes, would love to break that number and if I can tell who was #500 and #501 I will send them a print if they like.