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Ranger Up Talks Suicide, Day 5

Suicide series#3
Day 5 pulls no punches.  Three very powerful and moving posts are up.  Read them and share them, please.

Start with CPT Bettis's post on The Domestic Enemy.  His honesty, and courage in being that honest, should be a beacon to any in leadership, especially senior leadership.  The work done by MG Pittard also deserves recognition, praise, and expansion. 

Doc Bailey is also brutally honest even as he makes deft use of words in Suicide Isn't Painless.  He shares what happened to friends, and his own thoughts, in a moving post that talks about earning your way and the high price of happily ever after. 

Finally, Mark Endy contributes an intense and personal piece with We Ramble On.  "Once you realize that you still have some fire left in you it gets easier.  It’s only until we are completely lost that we find ourselves."