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It. Is. Not. A. Prop.

You know, some days I just wonder why.  Why bother.  Here I am working on losing weight, getting in shape, getting my blood pressure down to the point of being almost too low, and what happens?  You Feckless Underdeveloped Chronic Knicker-wearing Taffies And Rejected Donut Suckers start posting photos with anti-Syria-war signs covering your flabby pox-marked faces.  You are guaranteeing I will fail my blood pressure tests for the next twenty years. 

First, let me join in with Doc's excellent take down at TAH, and the follow-up post by Jonn.  Both make exellent points, and I will simply add that if you are a serving member of the military and do something like this, get the frack out.  I sincerely and fully hope that your NCOs/Senior NCOs take you out back for some much needed "counselling" and that applies to officers too.  You clearly don't get the concepts of service, and need some long and thorough remedial instruction. If you serve and did this, I tend to think you are at the bottom rungs of being a ten percenter and a well-known dou-che and shitebird in your unit.

Second, I've been looking over the photos and like some of our readers, have to agree that some of these dou-ches are fakes.  No NCO, much less a senior NCO, would let anyone out in uniforms that fracked up.  None are quite up to "Soup Sandwhich" levels, but there is enough wrong that civilians are noticing and commenting.

Third, given similarities of wording and other issues, I and others are smelling something and it's making us wonder if this is not a false-flag operation that got started and sucked in some idiots.  There are those out there who would love to do someting like that for a variety of reasons.  One such reason that really bothers me is that there are those out there who for political reasons want to damage/destroy the military.  I plan to touch on that more soon, but this is a great way to make some cheap and immediate political points while planting seeds of distrust/setting the stage for eroding confidence in the military.

Short and sweet:  The uniform is not a prop for any position/issue.  Feel free to voice your opinion in civvy, when in uniform shut up and soldier.  You swore an oath, and your personal feelings do not remove you from obeying lawful orders (more on that soon too I hope, and really hoping we can get TSO out of his chain-mail bikini and off of WoW long enough to post).