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Former Rams Practice Squad Player Rips Military Via Tweet

As I sit back in America, enjoying a nice cigar and jack I look around and watch people and shake my head. So many people take for granted for what we have in the US. So many think expect the luxuries we have here. Forget the nice things like electricity and fresh water but no many demand all of the additional luxuries we have that so many do not. Yet, they forget so quickly who paid that price to go and keep evil away from America.

They forget the allies of America who lost many as well only to have today's Americans “demand” cell phone service. Wow, what a disappointment.  This leads into the below story of “Ty Nsekhe” You see Ty is one of us Americans who is first to bitch about not having the correct Cadillac in the color he wants, well not really because he isn’t good enough to actually play football in the NFL. However, to slap today's, and yesterday’s servicemembers in the face as he did is another fine example (and there are many others, this just made the press) of how premadonanas out there think they are the best thing since sliced bread and demand that you other hard working Americans out there bow to their “Superstar” status. Vomit, puke, vomit again, wipe moth and throw up on an ant pile (that really makes them mad). 

This sorry excuse for a man wouldn’t last 20 minutes on a foot patrol with some 19 year olds. Hell, I would love to see Mr tough guy who can’t make the “team” hang with any infantry unit in our military. He would be the biggest crybaby liability in the unit and would probably be one of those “NFL” guys who fake injuries to stop the other team from scoring. He would fake an injury to keep from going on patrol.
Well”Ty” my fellow Marines would smell your weak efforts a mile away and make you look like the moron you are. I don’t have to even get worked up about jack wagons like you because you showed the world your selfless ignorance as soon as you made the comment below. Way to go “Sally” you just instantly made every 19 year old out there look better than you. However, we already know down deep they were better than you, you just opened your mouth and proved it.
Time for a C-Gar

Former St. Louis Rams practice squad player Ty Nsekhe ripped the military on Twitter on Monday, writing, “it doesn’t take much skill to kill someone.” He tweeted in response to a missive from one Morgan Reed, who wrote, “Hard to believe that a player in a helmet defendin’ a football makes more money than a soldier in a helmet defendin’ his country.” Nsekhe was cut by the Rams long ago. He then apologized via tweet, “in no way were my comments meant to demean the members of the US armed forces. I recognize the sacrifices these members of the military make so that all Americans can enjoy the freedoms our soldiers’ skills have afforded us.”


Too late, you suck!

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