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Arlington Fly By Honors

The Sizemore/Andre Missing Man Formation Flyby by Warrior Aviation and assorted other folks went off pretty much without a hitch yesterday.  A B-25 (from the Delaware Aviation Museum) led the fly by.  Next came the A-26 "The Spirit of North Carolina", based out of Wilmington, NC with a pair of P-51s on its wings.  Finishing up was a 4-ship of L-39s with a missing man pull (I was in that jet - tres cool!).

Aside from a few timing glitches and a delay of the time-on-top time of about 13 minutes, from all accounts it went off very well.

It was a gratifying and distinct honor to be able to participate in these honors for Majors Sizemore and Andre.  Theur family have closure after 44 years and they can rest at night knowing their country honored and respected their loved one.

Sizemore andre flight 4

Holding over southern Maryland.

Sizemore andre flight 1

Overhead Pentagon - the big brown patch at center right WAS where the old Navy Annex stood.  Its supposed to become more Arlington space, I believe.


A-26 Invader and 2 P-51s pass over.

Thansk for your support everyone!  Talk amongst us was that we'll probably see more of these civvie-led honors for our servicemen.  I'll keep you up on anything I hear.