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Anyone in the Media want to ask Howard Dean About This?

He had quite a bit to say about foreign policy and war in the Middle East back in 2003....

Maybe you could have him on the Sunday Shows, do an analysis, quote for quote, then to now?  You know, kind of a comparison thing.  I promise, there is much to be mined here:

"When Congress approved the President's authorization to go to war in Iraq, no matter how well-intentioned, it was giving the green light to the President to set his Doctrine of preemptive war in motion. It now appears that Iraq was just the first step. Already, the Bush Administration is apparently eyeing Syria and Iran as the next countries on its target list."

This dude should get a lottery ticket, how could he have known that?

"Theirs is a radical view of our role in the world. The President who campaigned on a platform of a humble foreign policy has instead begun implementing a foreign policy characterized by dominance, arrogance and intimidation. The tidal wave of support and goodwill that engulfed us after the tragedy of 9/11 has dried up and been replaced by undercurrents of distrust, skepticism and hostility by many who had been among our closest allies."

Wow.  That sounds pretty familiar.  He must be reading the latest updates on the interwebs....

"This unilateral approach to foreign policy is a disaster. All of the challenges facing the United States, from winning the war on terror and containing weapons of mass destruction to building an open world economy and protecting the global environment can only be met by working with our allies. A renegade, go-it-alone approach will be doomed to failure, because these challenges know no boundaries."

Hmmm.... You don't say?  Unilateral action is bad?

"Even the largest, most sophisticated military in the history of the world cannot be expected to go to war against every evil dictator who may possess chemical weapons. This calls for an aggressive and effective diplomatic effort, conducted in full cooperation with a united international community, and preferably with the backing of the multilateral institutions we helped to build for just this purpose. This challenge requires treaties such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that this Administration has sometimes treated cavalierly. In any case, war should be a last resort or an option to be used in the face of an imminent threat."

Anyone of the alleged journalists out there want to ask him about his apparent change of heart?  I guess having principles and beliefs is tough...

It is a short, but interesting read...  And before you do, see someone with an Air Assault Tab to get some TAPE, Pressure Sensitive (100 MPH variety) and wrap it around your head first so the hypocrisy doesn't cause your head to explode.