National Airborne Day Photo: The Most Fun You Can Have Fully Clothed
National Airborne Day Photos: Historical Posters

Today Is National Airborne Day - Part II - The Video

In order to send the Air Force some love, there were two USAF Pararescue (PJs) HALO jump videos which are shared below and then one rockin' compilation video after the jump that's a must see:

I swear, that @#%& is better than a cup of coffee...

Jimbo posted these before:

Oh man, that was fun. I don't care whether you have or haven't ever jumped out of an airplane, this is a great look at it. I think what it reminded me most is exactly how much of a giant bag of shite on a rope you are on a static line jump. Even so, I still felt the rush.

This was posted by MarlboroMan1979 who can poke his head up if he wants. If anyone has some HALO vids that would be fun and I would certainly link. And ramp exits rule.

The closest we come to flying.