Ty Carter MOH
Warrior Aviation to Honor Returned Vietnam-Era USAF MIAs

Syria, A Simple Question

Given that it is simple and straight to the point, I have to wonder if anyone inside the beltway is asking it.  So, I will ask it of you: 

Can anyone posit a compelling national interest for intervention in Syria?

Compelling is not simply because a politician said we should, but because it is in the clear national interest to do so.  It means it is worth the large amount of resources required to do so, it will be worth the blood that will be spilled if we do so, and it will be for a valid and measurable goal.  Not feelings, not sweet and fluffy rhetoric, but a measurable objective goal (put man on moon, remove Hitler from power, etc.).  

Also, if there is an immediate measurable goal, then there needs be an end-state in mind from the start.  What is it?  What will be required to achieve it?  

I have my own thoughts, but I want to give each and every one of you a chance to make your case.