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NRA's Life of Duty Patriot Profiles: Outlaw Platoon Part 3 Trailer

The Outlaw Platoon Part III trailer was just released this morning on the NRA Life of Duty Network.

About the Outlaw Platoon - In 2006 Lt. Sean Parnell and the men under his leadership, known as the Outlaw Platoon, deployed to one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan, less than 10 miles from the Pakistani border. Their mission was to disrupt and destroy this network at all costs – to seek out enemy positions and thwart the movement of insurgent forces into and out of the safe haven of Pakistan. After a year in some of the most intense combat imaginable in a 360-degree battlefield, the only thing Sean Parnell and his men wanted to do was survive...Part III is coming on August 21st.

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