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Iraq looking for some help from us

Mr Lilyea notes that a country we freed from tyranny is asking for some help so they don't backslide too far.

The AP reports...The violence has spurred Baghdad to seek new U.S. aid to curb the threat, said Iraqi Foreign Minister Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari. He said a U.S. assistance package could include a limited number of advisers, intelligence analysis and surveillance assets – including lethal drones.

“There is greater realization in the Iraq government that we should not shy away from coming and asking for some help and assistance,” Zebari told reporters Friday in Washington.

Jonn responds...Yeah, well, the Iraqis forced us out of their country because they couldn’t come up with a reasonable Status of Forces Agreement to protect our soldiers and Marines from the Iraqi courts. I don’t see them coming up with one now either.

That is partly true, but we did not always negotiate in the best faith.

When Bush was still running things, the Iraqis were playing internal politics and didn't want to be seen as caving to the Western Devils. That was a necessary thing to get an actual government up and running there. The folks who negotiated the short term deal were told by the Iraqis pretty bluntly, just let us look tough here and we will work something out on the back side.

Once Obama took command he had no interest at all in an American presence and little care about reinforcing a fragile ally born from a war he was violently opposed to. So we made all kinds of objections to any agreement, many of them complete BS and so in the end, we got booted. Not much in the way of strategery there.

I am not suggesting that we roll tanks back in, but we don't have many friends in the area. Might be nice to help out someone who owes us and have at least a little clout there. If not, they probably have Putin's number.