National Airborne Day Video: JUMP! Through the Eyes of a Paratrooper
Photo: Ammo Load

Hard Arch and Recover!

Post from a few years ago. Re-posting for National Airborne Day:


For those of you unfamiliar with military freefall lingo (or any kind of skydiving for that matter) I'll gladly explain.

A poor aircraft exit or failure to stabilize one's body position (flight attitude) during freefall will result in completely uncontrolled spinning and toppling.  This usually only happens to rookies and not only makes the rookie look stupid but can also get the rookie's ass killed.

Sometimes after a solid exit and good stabilization a young jumper will lose the correct flight attitude and this uncontrolled spin and flip can happen.

If this happens, DO NOT PANICK!  The remedy is fairly simple, arch hard.  Gravity is smarter than you and believe me with a hard arch you will eventually stabilize and experience a safe and successful jump.

The Obama campaign needs to seriously consider this advice.

The recent polling numbers have no doubt cause the campaign to lose its stability and based on the rash of gaffes, they appear to be panicking.

Please click on this post to follow my logic.

PS:  Yes, I am in that cluster somewhere.  This photo was taken in the mid-80s and at the time I was told that this was the first ever mass HALO jump from a C5A.