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Ft. Hood terror attack ignored and minimized

MAJ Hasan is a terrorist and the slaughter of 13 Americans was done in the cause of jihad. That is my opinion, but more importantly it is his own words. He admits this and sadly is proud of it.The only ones ignoring this are the euphemizing apologists of the Obama administration. In their world this was an act of workplace violence. The only place where shouting "Allah Akbar" and shooting everyone in sight could be workplace violence is in an al Qaeda bomb factory.

The deranged frenzy the media perpetrated about Trayvon Martin is somehow missing when the victims are US soldiers and the murderer is a non-white, member of a religion responsible for most of the terrorism on Earth.  In this case the gunman admits to anyone who asks that he did this for Islam, shouted "Allah Akbar", gave powerpoint presentations to colleagues about his extremist ideology and carried business cards saying "Soldier of Allah".

Cue the media outrage in .......crickets chirping. That's right, nothing. Psycho skank murders her kid 24/7 live action, member of pervert couple offs her ex boyfriend, wall to wall coverage. Palestinian-American soldier terrorist commits terrorist act killing 13, admits it, grows jihadi beard and asks to wear man jammies instead of uniform, puts forth jihad in the cause of Islam forward as his defense and they cannot even call him what he brags he is, a terrorist scumbag who will hopefully soon be receiving his 72 goats in Hell.

Listen to one of the survivors of this attack describe  the cost of this politically correct BS to him and others personally.

I looked up to see a man in Army fatigues firing a pistol. His fourth or fifth shot went into my chest. As screams broke out around me, I collapsed to the ground. The bullet had punctured my lung and I was gasping for breath. As I lay there, he shot me five more times in my back and legs. Eventually soldiers helped me get medical attention.The bullets had narrowly missed my heart, but one had lodged in my liver. I still have two bullets in my body and deal with near-constant pain in my legs and back.

During my recovery, I learned that the Army had classified the shooting as nonpolitical workplace violence instead of a terrorist attack. The language used to describe the attack may seem meaningless, but it is very meaningful to the victims and their families.

Because the Army decided that our wounds were not “combat-related,” a number of benefits are being denied to the victims and their families, including certain health and disability ones. In some instances, the designation even resulted in victims receiving smaller salaries than we would have received during our deployment. As a reservist, I was making roughly $2,000 per month less than I would have in my private-sector job. The Army would have made up that difference had I been on deployment orders or had my injuries classified as combat-related.

Unfortunately, I am not alone in my experience. I have watched other victims and their families be denied disability benefits and treated indifferently by the Army. This has left many families suffering not just physical and emotional wounds, but financial ones as well. Though the Army claims that the survivors of the Fort Hood attack are eligible for the same medical benefits as any service member, we are not getting the same treatment as soldiers wounded in combat. That is part of the reason we have brought a lawsuit against the government.

It is a disgrace to deny US soldiers killed and injured by a terrorist the benefits they deserve. Yes, Hasan will die. But he deserves the credit for being much worse than a common criminal. We should dishonor his savagery by calling it by the proper name, Islamist Terror.