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For The Last G---D---- Time.....

No one cares what the hell you do in your bedroom.

More news in the Daily Outrage Department.  Evidently, in the US Air Force, you may be REQUIRED to render an opinion when your commander asks you a question regarding this issue and how you feel about it.  WARNING:  This is testable and there is a wrong answer.

“She said, ‘Sgt. Monk, I need to know if you can, as my first sergeant, if you can see discrimination if somebody says that they don’t agree with homosexual marriage,’” he said. “I refused to answer the question.”

Monk said to answer would have put him in a legal predicament.

“And as a matter of conscience I could not answer the question the way the commander wanted me to,” he said.

At that point, Monk said that perhaps it would be best if he went on leave. The commander agreed.

“I was essentially fired for not validating my commander’s position on having an opinion about homosexual marriage,” he said.

Top two reasons Deebow doesn't care about gay marriage:  (1--That ain't the definition of the word, but if you want to say "BLUE" means both "BLUE" and "RED" well then get down with your bad self, it won't be me who looks like a fool, I know what the definition of marriage is, and it ain't gonna affect the one I am in and (2--At this point, I am willing to concede the point only so the entire gay community, including the military gay community will SHHHHUUUUUTTTT  THHHEEEEE  FUUU**&*^%^%&*&%$( UUUUUUUUPPPPP ABOUT IT!

I don't care where you stick it or how you lick it because that ain't none of my business, but commanders like this one that 1SG Monk had to deal with have an agenda, and that is punishment for thought crimes, and in the US Military, with UCMJ codes involving crimes such as "Provoking Speeches and Gestures" that, if "convicted" in a General Court Martial can put a black mark on your Service Record Jacket and a HUGE blackmark on your life which will affect your retirement, VA benefits, and employment.  This type of behavior, because it is being allowed to proliferate, is going to become a HUGE problem.

For some, this is going to be about punishment of those committing the thought-crime of having an opinion different than they have that is firmly rooted in beliefs they do not hold.  Punishment for believing something that is a fairly mainstream thought.  If you want to see what a "hate crime" look like, look at this story.

We had something like this awhile back in Spain, where they were doing some pretty awful things to change people's minds about some deeply held beliefs/non-beliefs.  I think it was aptly named an "Inquisition."  Anyone want to discuss how that turned out?  Are we going to start Gulags for those that don't agree?  Oh wait, public schools.  I forgot.  My bad....

But those that are in their military and are investing more in their identity as "GAY" instead putting the emphasis on "FIGHTER PILOT", "COMMANDER" or "FIRST SERGEANT" need to get out.  We can't use you, there too much important work to be done for the country to worry about what someone might think about what you like to do with others in the dark.  The country needs you worrying about flight hours, maintaining security of nuclear weapons, dropping bombs on bad dudes and maintaining aircraft.

I am certain GLAAD has a spot for you where you can become a crusader for the cause and self-actualized regarding your feelings about your preferences, with the added benefit of providing you an outlet to express yourself at a parade in the near future.  I would like you to avail yourself of that opportunity soonest.

So for the last G.D. Time military gay folks, if you are going to stay in the military, I need you to do me and the rest of America a solid; STFU about what you do in your private time, how you feel about it, how you feel about others not liking it and get on with the work of defending your freedom to do it.