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July 2013

Obama misarticulates self defense & stand your ground

Just in case you still have the mistaken notion that Obama is particularly  knowledgeable about the law, he said this today.

"And for those who, who resist that idea that we should think about something like these stand-your-ground laws, I just ask people to consider: If Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk? And do we actually think that he would have been justified in shooting Mr. Zimmerman, who had followed him in a car, because he felt threatened? And if the answer to that question is at least ambiguous, then it seems to me that we might want to examine those kinds of laws."

Let me help you out Mr. President, since it seems you may have slept through most of law school. If Trayvon was attacked by Zimmerman and legitimately feared for his life, then of course he could have shot him. And a jury would have acquitted him in a trial. Except there wouldn't have been a trial because your tool Eric Holder would not have improperly pressured Florida to act like Putin's Russia.

Let's keep going since you obviously need some help with simple logic and reason. Following someone in a car may be mildly threatening, but it does not even begin to rise to a justified use of self defense. Here is what that requires

A person is justified in using deadly force if he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself.

That is it, Mr. President. So as usual you have created a straw man who must be shot full of holes to make a point you aren't even close to understanding. Or worse, you just don't give a sh** if it let's you demagogue. Stand your ground isn't even in play in the house of straw you constructed. Didn't any of your toadies bother to point that out before you waltzed into the press room to embarrass yourself?.

If you wanted to construct an actual stand your ground scenario, then Zimmerman has to be chasing Trayvon, get out of his car and point a gun at him saying "I am going to shoot you, because I hate hoodies". At that point Trayvon can punch him, break his nose and the climb on top of him and smash his head against the concrete until he is dead. "He said he was going to shoot me. I feared for my life and acted in self defense. I didn't try to run away because I didn't want to get shot in the back". Voila, a textbook Stand Your Ground defense.

He wouldn't even have to have a good reason not to run away. If he is legitimately threatened, then he has a right to defend himself against unlawful aggression. And yes Mr. President, even black people can do this. Matter of fact a disproportionate number of the people in Florida who have used the stand your ground defense have been black. You should try to read something other than the New York Times and your own press releases. A lot of people have said a lot of incandescently stupid things over this. But can't we at least expect the President of the United States to speak accurately about the law? Sorry, my apologies. I forgot who I was talking about.

Prints Out: Did You Get Yours?

Everyone who donated $100 or more to the Normandy effort (excluding those who said they did not want the incentive, did not have an address that could be accessed, and one person who asked for a delay in shipping) should have their photos today.  If you donated $100 or more, and did not get the photo you should have, please let me know asap.  The signed and numbered prints are limited and I want to be sure that everyone is taken care of.  Thank you! Remember, donations to http://www.gofundme.com/2wwguw help with embeds, books, shows, and more.


NRA's Life of Duty Patriot Profiles: Outlaw Platoon Part 2


In 2006 Lt. Sean Parnell and the men at Third Platoon had deployed to one of the most dangerous area of Afghanistan, less than 10 miles from the Pakistani border. Their mission was to seek out enemy positions and thwart the movement of insurgent forces, into and out of the save haven of Pakistan. And was to disrupt and destroy this network at all costs. On June 10, they were under a fierce assault by the Taliban and enemy insurgents. RPGs and Mortars rained down on them, and machine gun fire seemed to come at them from all directions. If they didn't get help soon, the outcome looked grim for Sean Parnell and the men under his leadership, known as the Outlaw Platoon.

Part 3 will be coming in August.

Vote For this Cow Costume! (Yes, I wrote that.)

Matt Galante, a Paratrooper in 2-503d whose dad was a Paratrooper in the 82nd (and his parents help raise a lot of $ for our troops), is in the Chick-fil-A Best Cow Costume contest.  He's currently in the top five, and needs more votes to take the lead. 
No registration necessary.  Can vote once.  Voting ends July 31st.

Hyatt Service Dog Story


The story has gone viral on social media, and I already have inquiries in to Hyatt Corporate about it.  For those not online, a story came out yesterday alleging mistreatment by a Hyatt GM of a combat vet and his service dog.  This is not an old story gaining new life, and it appears that Hyatt is taking it seriously.  If it is true, and if indeed the GM laid hands on the vet much less ignored the law (and possibly Hyatt's own rules) in regards service dogs, then I hope they do take it seriously as do the police.  I will let you know what, if anything, I hear from Hyatt.


UPDATE:  Responses from Hyatt below the fold

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American Hitmen dominate America's Got Talent

I don't watch a lot of TV and would not have been watching America's Got Talent, except for one thing, well one band actually, American Hitmen. If you saw them Tuesday night or the week before, you may have caught their tale and heard them rock. But if you are a long time BLACKFIVE reader, you heard about them five years ago.

In 2008 there was a National Heroes tour with some good friends of mine, like David Bellavia, Jeremiah Workman and Marcus Luttrell among others and I went along to make sure it got the coverage it should. The reason was to let America know why the Surge in Iraq could win the war, which it did. The tour kicked off in San Diego on the deck of the USS Midway. After a bunch of former SEALS skydived onto the deck at dusk, the Hitmen came on to rock. And they rocked hard.

They are former Marines, brothers in arms and actual brothers. Here is the bio from their site

The American Hitmen formed quite literally in the midst of battle in Fallujah, Iraq, during Operation Phantom Fury in 2004. Brothers Dan and Tim Cord began jamming for their fellow Marines in the smoke pit, after long days of missions, incoming mortars, and firefights, with acoustic guitars in hopes of uplifting everyone's spirits. Upon returning home to Camp Pendleton, CA, the Cord brothers brought bassist and fellow Marine, Dan Jarmon, into the band to play bass guitar.

Here is some video of their performance on the Midway. The song is "Born Again" and still my favorite.

They played Simple Man for their audition and then House of the Rising Sun in Vegas. I can't wait to see what they spring on the audience live at Radio City Music Hall. That is where you all come in. You don't have to watch, although you should, but you do have to vote. I will keep you informed and then we will all make the social media sing and the internets hum. It's these guys or some cat juggling act, that is no contest.

Easiest way to kill terrorists

So we whacked another guy we released from Gitmo.

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — The Yemen-based branch of al-Qaida confirmed on Wednesday that the group's No. 2 figure, a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner, was killed in a U.S. drone strike.

Hurrah and Woo Hoo! We can do a little dead tango dance to celebrate. But I have a question. why do we have to let them go from Gitmo before we can kill them? I mean it seems a little inefficient to say the least. This guy is like the 50th free range former, orange jump suitee we have scattered into his component molecules.

Does Obama have some deal with the drone manufacturers where he gets a volume discount? Is a policy of catch, release, incinerate somehow more humane than free room and board for life? And since the miserable bastards we still have in the HellHole Express are trying to starve themselves, can't we just stop giving them the goose-fattening, Ensure up-the-nose treatment and let them expire naturally? Just seems like a better way to handle it, but hey drone jockeys need practice too I guess.


Photo: Medevac

U.S. soldiers carry an Afghan civilian to an awaiting UH-60 Black Hawk medical evacuation helicopter after a suicide bombing at the Afghan-Pakistan border crossing near Forward Operating Base Spin Boldak, Afghanistan, July 5, 2013. The soldiers are assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division's 4th Striker Brigade Combat Team. Several Afghan police and civilian casualties were brought to the base, treated by medical personnel and evacuated for further treatment. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jovi Prevot

M.O.H. Awardee, SGM Jon Cavaiani Needs Help!

Okay, people, here is a request to help this great American. Below is the official MOH Society video of SGM Cavaiani:

From his Give Forward page:

Sergeant Major Jon Cavaiani, US Army (Ret), is fighting for his life. Jon has been diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), a life threatening blood disorder (see side bar link). Over the last 5 months Jon has received medical consultations, blood transfusions and chemotherapy from San Francisco Veterans Hospital, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Sonora Hospital. Currently Jon is waiting for admission to Stanford Hospital for a bone marrow transplant and other critical treatments.

Jon Cavaiani served his country with distinguished valor serving in the Vietnam War. Jon was a Prisoner of War for 23 months. After his release in 1973, Jon returned to the US and on December 12, 1974 President Gerald Ford presented Jon the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest military honor (see side bar link). In 1990 Jon retired after 21 years of service.

Jon, and wife Barb, live in a small community three hours from the Stanford Hospital. Once Jon is admitted to the hospital, his inpatient stay will be dependent on the type of blood marrow transplant determined best for Jon. His inpatient care could be as long as 3 months. During this period, Barb will relocate to Palo Alto to be closer to Jon. Your donation to Jon's fund will defray out of pocket expenses for transportation, temporary living quarters and necessary medical co-pays during Jon's extensive treatment. All unused donations for these specific expenses will be donated to Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, a scholarship program Jon has worked tirelessly with for 17 years (see side bar link).

Many of Jon's friends may wish to donate blood in support of Jon's battle with MDS and the best way to accomplish this is to donate in your community recognizing that your blood is used for many patients in similar circumstances.

Also, anyone interested in possibly donating bone marrow should visit Be The Match Organization (see side bar link) and join their registry.

Many years ago Jon served gallantly for our country. Our donations will express our gratitude and will help Jon and Barb defray expenses during his fight against this deadly disease. Please donate whatever amount you can to help Jon and his family. And, please tell your friends of this campaign and website.   

You can donate here at his Give Forward site.  Please spread the word!